Meet The Team

"I would like you to meet my wonderful Team!  I am inspired by their level of enthusiasm and compassion as they take great care of our patients.  Amazingly, together they have a combined 132 years of dental experience.  WOW!!  Each one of them brings a special talent to our Team which, I believe, makes our office a fun and special place for kids and teenagers.  I am so fortunate to have such a dedicated group of people to work with.  They are truly the most treasured asset of my practice."

- Dr. Andy Kapust

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Title: Registered Dental Hygienist 

Why you'll love working with Ann: Ann is a fun, thoughtful, and positive individual. She always strives to stay in the know about the latest and greatest findings within the dental field in order to provide the best care for each and every one of her amazing patients. Even though she likes to keep her nose in the books so to speak, she also loves being silly with her littlest patients and is very gentle and caring to all. Ann is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her patients leave here with a smile. 

Likes: Photography, cooking, painting, dancing, traveling around the world, snowboarding, SUP boarding, gardening visiting hot springs and waterfalls, hiking, mango gelato, spending time with her son, and playing with her adorable Jindo puppy. 

Fun Facts: Ann has lived abroad in Europe while her father served in the Army and has traveled to 21 different countries! 

Stats: Born and mostly raised in Oklahoma, but moved frequently around the country and abroad. Permanently settled down in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2009. Graduated from Pierce College Fort Steilacoom for dental hygiene.


Title:   Certified Dental Assistant

Nickname:  TF

Why you'll love working with Tammie:Tammie is very friendly and easy to talk to.  Tammie is dedicated and loyal to her friends, family and her job.  She is great at explaining things in detail.  If you didn't know it coming in, you certainly will know it all when you go.  She is very knowledgeable and takes pride in being able to answer any and all of the questions you may have.

Likes:  Tammie likes working with children, long walks, hiking, reading and spending time with her family and friends.

Fun facts:  Tammie started her Dental Assisting career here working with Dr. John Kapust when she was 18 years old and has been here ever since, exept for time off when having her children!  Tammie is in Invisalign treatment with Dr. Andy.  

Stats:  Attended Olympia High School and SPSCC.  Married for over 30 years!  Has three adult children, Nick, Chris and Katie (twins), but no grand kids yet!  Has been a part of the Kapust Team since 1976!


Title: Certified Dental Assistant

Nickname: Klum

Why you'll love working with Heidi: Heidi is a very thoughtful person who is kind, considerate, dedicated and strives for greatness.  She is friendly and so much fun to be around!  Heidi goes out of her way to make sure that all of our patients, as well as the parents, are comfortable.  Heidi has a great laugh, always has the most positive attitude and is so much fun to be around!

Likes:  Heidi enjoys taking walks, reading, spending time with her family and friends and playing with her little dog Lola. Heidi is always gathering new items for the care packages she sends her son who is currently active duty in the Army,  Heidi and her husband are very proud Army parents...HOOAH! Heidi loves shopping, especially for antiques and vintage clothing. Heidi also loves to dance and has been known to boogy down to get a laugh out of coworkers. Heidi enjoys watching Project Runway and going to the movies.

Fun Facts:  Heidi has lived in Olympia her whole life and is definitely an "Olympia Original". There may be a time or two where you are out and about and think you've run into Heidi and find that it's really her sister, they could be twins!  Heidi's mom and one of her sisters are also in the dental field here in Olympia!

Stats:  Attended Olympia High School.  AA and ATA at South Puget Sound Community College.  Heidi has been a part of the Kapust Team since 2001.


Title:  Certified Dental Assistant

Nickname: Micki

Why you'll love working with Michelle: Michelle is dedicated to both her family and the office.  She is a wonderful assistant, very knowledgeable, friendly, hardworking and wonderful to work with.  She's always very thorough and "spot on" with what needs to be done.  She's great at taking photos and solving computer problems.  She's dependable and awesome with patients and co-workers!

Likes:  Spending time with her children, family and friends.  Loves outdoor activities, camping, swimming, boating and the beach!  Loves running, quads, Annual Pig roasts, hiking, reading, making the kids smile!  Michelle also loves to travel!

Fun Facts:  Michelle is happily married to a wonderful man and has three beautiful girls!  Michelle likes to run 5k's for fun and is hoping to run a full or a half marathon someday.

Stats:  Attended Yelm and Rainier High Schools.  Pierce College from 1992-1995, received her certified Dental Assistant at Clover Park Technical College in 1996.  Worked in Pediatrics in Federal Way from 1996-2001.  Worked in Orthodontics in Lakewood from 1999-2001.  Michelle has been a part of the Kapust team since 2001!


Title: Treatment Coordinator

Nickname:  D, LaFonduh, Gloria

Why you'll love working with Deon: Deon is friendly and loves to make people smile and feel at home.  She has a great attitude and a warm personality.  She values family and honesty and will always strive to make your day brighter!

Likes:  Enjoying every moment with her family and all of her amazing friends!  She enjoys watching her daughter play  sports, hugs, coffee, coffee and more coffee, being a grandma, jalapeños, avocados, cooking and teaching Sunday School.

Fun Facts:  Bungee jumped off a bridge twice on New Years Eve in 1992, is a master burrito folder, she can show you the "right way!"  Her family thinks she will be a "crazy bird watcher" once she retires!  She hates broccoli, but did eat a whole head of it once on a bet!

Stats:  A North Thurston Ram who has converted to be a proud parent of an Oly Bear!  Married to her best friend since 1994.  The LaFond's have two wonderful kids, an awesome daughter-in-law and the cutest grandchildren in the world!  They are also so blessed to have many other kids they love as their own.  Deon has been a part of the Kapust team since 1998!


Title:  Scheduling/Financial Coordinator

Nickname: Manders, ARK

Why you'll love working with Amanda: She knows most of you by first name!  She has an eagle eye for finding misfiled charts!  Nothing gets by her, she is always listening.  In fact some of the Kapust team says she should really be a private investigator!

Likes:  Enjoys Disneyland more as an adult than she did as a child.  Blowing "Zerbits" on her baby boy's tummy!  Always singing silly songs about her son to pass the time.  Great at bringing laughter to the workplace, a bit of a jokester.  Enjoys getting her monthly massage, yes she has a membership!  Loves garage sales, swap meets and the clearance rack, who doesn't like a good bargain?

Fun facts:  Was a McCleary Bear Festival princess in 1997, though she swears she never once ate their famous "Bear Stew!"

Stats:  Attended Elma High School.  Shoe size:10.  Once had her nose pierced.  Listens to Christmas music year round.  Makes up a nick name for everyone she meets.  Rarely up past 9pm.  Has been a part of the Kapust team since 2006!


Title: Patient Coordinator

Nickname: Nic, Nickelby, Nic-at-Nite

Why you'll love working with Nicole: She's the first to greet you when you enter the office and will do so with a warm, welcoming smile.  She loves working with the wonderful patients and team at Dr. Kapust's office and it shows.

Likes: Nicole loves to kickbox, bake and decorate cakes. She loves Disneyland, in fact, that's where her and her husband went on their honeymoon.

Fun facts:  She graduated from Black Hills High School and was Lakefair princess in 2001. She began teaching kickboxing at The Valley Athletic Club when she was 17 years old and loves to decorate cakes.

Stats: Attended Black Hills High School.  She is the oldest of five children and has been married to her awesome husband since 2003.  They have a daughter and son and black lab.  Nicole has lived in 11 different  states, 13 different cities and moved to Olympia with her family when she was 16 years old.  Has been a part of the Kapust team since 2008!


Title:  Certified Dental Assistant

Nickname:  Star, Chicken Butt a.k.a. Chicken Whisperer

Why you'll love working with Starla: Starla is always willing to be of assistance to anyone who needs it!  She is a great helper and seems to be especially loved by our littlest patients!  She is kind, gentle and loving and really gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling!  Starla is always interested in learning to continue to better herself each day.  She's often told she would make a great Kindergarten teacher!

Likes:  She likes to travel and see new places!

Fun Facts:  Loves to read and garden.  She and her family have 2 cats, 2 dogs and also has two fish tanks full of colorful fish!  She lives on 10 acres and has a ton of chickens that help to provide a mass amount of eggs for her family and her friends when they ask nicely!

Stats:  Born in California.  She's married with two children, one boy and one girl.   Has been a part of the Kapust team since 2009!


Title: Registered Dental Assistant 

Nickname: BF

Why you'll love working with Brandy:  Brandy loves working with kids because they are so fun.  She loves seeing a child get through their appointment with success and to see how proud they are with themselves after a procedure is done.  Brandy has a fun energy about her that is contagious to those around her.  She makes coming to our office fun and exciting. 

Likes: Brandy enjoys watching her kids play soccer and loves traveling with her family.

Fun Facts: Summertime is her favorite time of year. 

Stats: Brandy has been married for 19 years and has 2 children.  They are a huge soccer family!


Title: Certified Dental Assistant 

Why you'll love working with Ashley: She wants to give to the patients she works with the best experience possible. She has a great sense of humor and gets along with everyone! She greets all of her patients with a smile and strives to make you feel comfortable.

Likes: Going on adventures with her boyfriend Tosh, whether it be road trips or hikes. Experimenting in the kitchen (baking or cooking). She loves trying new things, reading, and going camping with her family. 

Fun Facts: She loves to shop, but hates spending money. She is secretly a gaming nerd. She has been playing video games since she was 3 years old. 

Stats: Graduated from Yelm High School in 2014. Graduated with high honors from the dental assistant program at South Puget Sound community college. Did her internship at Dr. kapust's office and has been here ever since.


Why you'll love working with Debbie: She is very friendly and can strike up a conversation with anyone! 

Likes: Debbie enjoys traveling and seeing new places. 

Fun Facts: Loves to go boating and hopes to someday live on a boat. 

Stats: Debbie has been married for 26 years and has two children. She has been a part of the Kapust team since 2013.


Title: Dental Assistant 

Why you'll love working with Sarah: She is always smiling and laughing.

Likes: Camping, hiking, doing anything outdoors, running, and cats. 

Fun Facts: She rides dirt bikes and does Spartan Runs. She has a cat that acts like a dog named Buddy. She used to play the Baritone, Trumpet, Tenor, Saxophone, and Bari Saxophone.

Stats: She grew up in Chehalis and went to WF West High School. She was very active in soccer, cheer, track and she got her awesome smile from Dr. Kapust.